Life in Afghanistan is tough. The country is facing many problems that will only get worse in the near future. Many Afghan refugees are infected with the coronavirus, which is spreading rapidly in Iran. We now want to provide care where it is most needed. Our teams in Afghanistan are ready to get started. Only the financial resources are missing. Will you help?


We want to break the negative spiral of poverty, violence and injustice in Afghanistan by investing in Afghan people in the field of work, education and care.


We expressly do not busy ourselves with short-term aid, but rather invest in social entrepreneurship. Therefore we train and coach Afghans, so they become the motor of sustainable change in the long run.


We are there for all Afghans, but our hearts go out to widows, orphans and war victims. With education, medical care and work opportunities they will be able to create a better future.


We use five core values in all our work; in the Netherlands and Afghanistan; in our centers, the communities and all projects.


Our focus: textile, livestock, building, food security and trade.


In Afghanistan, many widows are left to their own fate. Often they lack the social and financial security of a man. We help them to build up an independent existence together with their children.


Fara’s story

May 2024- Fara is a six-year-old girl. She had many health problems at a young age. Fara's mother told us: “When Fara and her brother were born, I was frail and too thin. Although I tried to feed my children with my own milk, my breast milk turned out not to be sufficiently nutritious.”

Saving can be life-saving

Esin is the only breadwinner in her family. She has six children. In addition to taking care of her children, Esin works in the gardens of people in her neighborhood. There she collects almond, peach and cotton in exchange for money. With that money she is able to cover daily expenses and buy food for her children.

Life-changing programme

June 2023 - Taara is one of the participants of the High Diversity Gardening programme. She has five children and is widow. Before she took part in our programme, her life was difficult, because she did not have a strong source of income. She also knew nothing about kitchen gardening.

Naghma’s story

October 2022 - Naghma is one of the participants of the food security project. She told her story: I have 4 children. Before I took part in this project I had a lot of problems.

Life Changing Training – Sadia’s Story

May 2022 – With the High Diversity Gardening project, participants are trained in smart and sustainable vegetable gardening in their own garden. Furthermore, participants learn how healthy food contributes to a healthy body.

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