Saving can be life-saving

Esin is the only breadwinner in her family. She has six children. In addition to taking care of her children, Esin works in the gardens of people in her neighborhood. There she collects almond, peach and cotton in exchange for money. With that money she is able to cover daily expenses and buy food for her children.

When Esin took part in our High Diversity Programme she received four hens and learned how to cultivate her own food. She changed her daily menu, using more vegetables and less unhealthy food and using less sugar, oil and salt. This new diet helps Esin to save food and money.

Esin was able to use the saved money to buy winterclothing for her children. By selling the eggs from her hens she was able to make some extra money. Esin used this money to buy a remedy for her hurting feet.

Esin told us: “I have learned the value of saving from your lessons, and now I’m able to solve my problems with my saved money.”