In Kabul we want to set up a woodworking company where unemployed young men have the opportunity to learn the work of a woodworker / carpenter. The woodworking company in Kabul makes furniture and custom interiors. Because of the specialist machines the company also can fullfill woodworking orders from third parties who do not have access to specialist machines.

About 45,000 euros (54.000 US dollar) is needed to start this company, part of which is already covered by the starting entrepreneur and previously received donations. This amount is mainly needed for the purchase of specialist machines for interior construction and financing the start-up period.

Will you help us to raise the amount needed to start this social enterprise?

“Helping unemployed young men”




Abdullah has been with a woodworking company for many years. He is appreciated for his technical expertise
and commitment to business operations. He is concerned about the problems of his country and city and wants to use this social enterprise to train young men to become woodworkers. Special: his current boss supports his initiative and has already promised to help him.

“I learned the trade in Iran. I like to work with my hands. I am very grateful to my current boss who has agreed to help me. I want to pass on to others what my boss does and has done for me.”

Personally, Abdullah is passionate about building his country: “There are plenty
of talented guys. However, there is hardly any education and there are too few jobs. With my company I want to contribute to a better future for Afghanistan.”

Why Village of Peace?


Invest in social entrepreneurship!

Invest with us to start this woodworking company in Kabul with which we can make a social impact by training and guiding unemployed young people to a job.