Social project – Fighting malnutrition

Feed the hungry, heal the land. That, in short, is our approach to malnutrition. Through small-scale agriculture and nutrition – both fully focused and attuned to good nutrition and strengthening the immune system – Afghans themselves are working on a healthy and sustainable future.

Target audience

  • We focus on widows and single women who live at or just below the poverty line, caring for one or more children. They are a vulnerable group who experience the adverse effects of malnutrition on a daily basis.
  • To increase our impact on a national level, we also help farmers: their effort directly benefits the local community. In addition, they have much more land at their disposal and all knowledge and skills are passed on directly to the son/successor.


360-degree approach
The only way to fight malnutrition sustainably and successfully is through a 360-degree approach that addresses all aspects and causes of malnutrition. That is why our fight against malnutrition consists of the following three pillars:

  • Training and education
  • Stimulating self-reliance: High Diversity Gardening
  • Research and development agriculture/reforestation

Download our full project plan for fighting malnutrition in Afghanistan:

Food security project plan – combating malnutrition