Life-changing programme

Taara is one of the participants of the High Diversity Gardening programme. She has five children and is widow. Before she took part in our programme, her life was difficult, because she did not have a strong source of income. She also knew nothing about kitchen gardening.

Then she joined our programme and she became a very active participant and she was always present in the classes. She uses the lessons in her daily life. She said: “I have always wanted to join a programme like this one. Most people who are like me want to join such programmes, but unfortunately that is not always possible. So, when Village of Peace offered me this opportunity, I felt really blessed. Now I can cultivate vegetables and I feel good about that, because I can easily do it as a woman. In the past I thought only men could cultivate food, but after the trainings I understood that women can also cultivate vegetables. And now I have cultivated carrot, spinach, soybeans and onion.”

In the past, my financial situation was not good. I was the only breadwinner in my family, though my 14-year-old son did help. We wasted a lot of money on medicine, because we did not know anything about nutritions and healthy food. But after this programme, this has all changed.” During this programme, Taara learned how to earn and save money, how to prepare healthy food and why that is important. This knowledge is life-changing for people like Taara.